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D-Link firmware update and router set up

D-Link is one of the most reliable brands in the networking industry as it delivers some of the best and technically advanced routers, modems, switches, and other networking devices. The D-Link brand established in 1986 has not looked back since then. D-Link produces the most user-friendly routers and modems that are much easy to set up and configure. The users can log in to their D-Link wireless routers through the web address www.dlinkrouter.local or through the default IP address of the router which is or
Some important points about the router firmware update
Do not update the firmware of the router over a wireless connection. 
Use only the wired connection to update the firmware of the router.
Ensure the power supply to the router is not interrupted in between the process.
The update in some routers can reset them to their factory settings and hence you may need to reconfigure the router.
Important– We recommend you the wired connection during eth firmware upgrade process because it is much reliable connection method as compared to the wireless method. The wireless connection can get interrupted any time and the speed of the network is also not optimum in a wireless connection. Therefore, if you are having an Ethernet cable, use it to upgrade the firmware of your router.

D-Link firmware update through http://dlinkrouter.local

Updating the firmware of the D-Link wireless router is quite an essential task to do as it enhances the efficiency of the router in all aspects. However, the D-Link wireless routers need to be configured prior to the use in the networking and the users can update the router after successfully configuring it.

Follow the steps mentioned below to update the firmware of the router successfully.

First of all, you will need to download the firmware of the router by visiting the support portal of the D-Link router at

  • Download the update file from the download center of D-Link website and save it in a particular location of your desktop or laptop computer.
  • Open the web browser of your PC and enter the web address www.dlinkrouter.local in the URL bar of the browser and enter.
  • Authenticate the user login with the credentials like the username and the password for which the by default values are “admin” and the password field can be left blank respectively, however, if you have set any password earlier then log in with those credentials.
  • Head straight towards the Tools tab and then select the firmware button on the left side of the page.
  • On selecting the firmware button, you will have to scroll down to the firmware upgrade section and select the update file that you have downloaded earlier.
  • Click on the browse button and select the file (location of the file) from the PC and click the open button.
  • Now, click the upload button in the next window and the upload process will start automatically. Depending upon different routers, the upgrade will take anywhere from 2 -4 minutes. 
  • In the end, the router will get rebooted itself and the user needs to make sure that the reboot isn’t interrupted in any case as it can lead to the malfunctioning of the router.

Firmware update hacks

  • Ensure that the location where you are saving the update file is easily accessible and. The directory path of the update file shouldn’t be much inside the computer as you can forget where you have saved the file and in turn, the file access can be delayed.
  • Use a wired connection through the Ethernet cable (RJ45).
  • Once the firmware update is done, log in to the router firmware to see if any updates have taken place. Sometimes, the graphical user interface also gets changed.
  • You can also check your firmware version from the top right corner of the D-Link router homepage.

Pros of updating the firmware of the router

  • The update in the router firmware enhances and beefs up the security cover of the router.
  • Added parental and web filtration controls can be added to the router.
  • The data encryption can be upgraded from 128 bit to 256 bit. This data encryption tool should be updated as this is the only medium of security through which our personal information like username and bank details etc. gets transmitted over the network.
  • Sometimes the routers start to lag and have some other firmware related issues. All those bugs can be fixed only through the router firmware update.


  1. Open the router from its factory packaging and find whether all the essential components are in it like the Ethernet cables, power adapter, User manual guide CD etc.
  2. Now, connect the modem to the WAN port of the router with an Ethernet cable (RJ45) standard. Also, connect your system (laptop or desktop) to the LAN port of the router through another Ethernet cable of the same standard.
  3. Now, switch on the power supply of the router and the modem and wait for 10- 20 seconds till the lights on the indicator panel of the router and modem get stable. 
  4. Now, open the web browser of your PC and enter the web address www.dlinkrouter.local and hit enter.
  5. You will be prompted to enter the default login credentials of the router. The default values for the username are “admin” and leave the password field blank. 
  6. Click on the setup wizard button under the setup tab and then click on the internet setup wizard button that will guide you through the whole process.
  7. Now, select the internet connection type and other crucial settings like DHCP server and PPPoE internet protocol etc. 
  8. Follow rest of the instructions on your display and set up a new administrator password for your router and you will be ready to use the router. Enjoy the blazing fast speed of the internet.

WPS mode of connection

  • The WPS (Wi-Fi protected setup) method of connection is the fastest available method of connecting your router to the computer device. This is the encrypted medium of connecting the router to the computer device.
  • Below mentioned steps should be followed carefully to get your router connected to the computer in a few easy steps.
  • Switch on the power supply of your router and wait patiently for the lights on the display panel to get stable.
  • Open the Internet and networking section of your PC and press the WPS button on your router and the router will be connected to your PC within a second or even less.
  • Important- It is very important to note that this WPS mode of connection only lets the user connect their routers to the computer system. However, you will need to configure the router in order to use it in the network.

Resetting D-Link wireless router

Reset through the web-based interface (http://dlinkrouter.local) Reset through the factory reset button.

Reset using the reset Button

Here in this part of the website, you will get to know about resetting your router through the reset button given on the back side of the router. Follow the complete step by step guide to successfully reset your router.
  • Assuming that the router is switched on and you want to reset it, try to locate a pinhole given on the back side of the router.
  • There will be a reset button placed deep inside the pinhole.
  • Insert a long pinpoint object like a paper pin or a clip and hold the button pressed for at least 10 seconds till the lights on the router go off and blink.
  • The router will be rebooted and all the settings written in its memory will be erased thus resulting in the factory reset of the router.

Note- The router should not be reset frequently as it needs to be configured again after that and ultimately ends up in consuming the time of the users. Be cautious while inserting the pinpointed object in the reset pinhole of the router as rugged and forceful insertion can damage the reset button or other components of the router.

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