Some important FAQs answered (Troubleshooting steps)

What is the default IP address of the router?

  • The default IP address of the router is that web address which is used to access into the interface of the router or modem device and then we can configure that hardware device according to the necessary changes.

Where can I find the IP address of my D-Link router?

  • Mostly, the default IP address for the D-Link wireless router is or This default IP address is usually printed on the device label pasted underneath or beside the router body. The user can also retrieve this IP address by selecting its network connection, then click the “Advanced” button and then click the “TCP/IP” tab. You will see a window depicting the router’s IP address.

Is it possible to update the router through any other method except dlinkrouter.local?

  • Yes, if the users face any problem while accessing their wireless router’s firmware through the specific domain of http://dlinkrouter.local, then the users can access the router setup dashboard through the default IP address of the router i.e. or

How often does D-Link release an update on its router firmware?

  • The update is released when it’s needed. Therefore, any particular number of
  • Updates aren’t fixed by D-Link. However, D-Link frequently releases the updates for its products quite frequently and on average, at least four updates are released annually.

Is it mandatory to upgrade the firmware version of our D-Link router?

  • No, upgrading the firmware of your own router cannot be mandatory. However, it is strongly recommended that the users should update the firmware of their router as soon as it is released. You should check the D-Link website regularly to see if any update has been released for your D-Link device model.

Can we access the D-Link setup portal on our smartphones?

  • Yes, of course, you can access the home page of the router setup through your mobile phone. What you need to have is an updated and fully compatible mobile web browser on your smartphone like “Google Chrome”, “Safari” etc.
  • Rest of the process is same i.e. entering the web domain http://dlinkrouter.local  or default IP address i.e. or

What to do if I forget the username or password for the router login?

  • This is one of the most common issues that the users face. However, there is absolutely no need to panic as you can easily reset the password. Here is how you can do that. On the login window, click the “trouble logging” in or “forget password” button and submit the registered mail address or phone number. A password recovery link will be sent to this registered email address and phone number. Just click on this recovery link to generate and set up a new password within a few seconds.

How do we keep ourselves updated with the D-Link firmware updates?

  • You can either visit the D-Link websites or you can also follow the social media pages of D-Link to keep yourselves updated with the latest news about the product.